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Shake makes history

ShaKe was born in 1988. In fact, the editorial/publishing collective that would have given birth to the ShaKe cooperative had already been working for various years in the organization of cultural and controcultural events.

Since 1985 the collective was elaborating the project of a magazine that will take the political discussion beyond the 1980’s and that could experiment in a new way the territories of the arts, the cybernetic culture and the controcultures. This magazine was called “Decoder” - the first issue was published in 1987 – and it achieved to sell 10.000 copies, assuming a central role into defining the essential features of the cyberpunk culture and in the birth/formation of BBS.

The next step was the production of Cyberpunk: an anthology of political essays, written by Raf Valvola Scelsi, in 1990. A text that sold over 20.000 copies, and that had a seminal role into directing the debate in Italy on new technologies.

In the following years ShaKe decided to pay its editorial attention towards other topics such as the history of afro-american cultures: in this direction they published fundamental titles such as By any means necessary by Malcolm X and Blues People by Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones).

Among the other projects, the collaboration with the Californian magazine Re/Search (a series of monographic issues on W.B. Burroughs, J.G. Ballard, on cyberfeminist, will be published in Italian) and the launch of a new book series on studies and materials completely dedicated to the most important worldwide controcultures (collana underground).

Another fundamental step for ShaKe was the publication of T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zones) by Hakim Bey that defined a true theoric base on the existence of social centres and public spaces, on the BBS, as well as on the illegal raves that were spreading in Italy during those years.

In 20 years of independent activity, ShaKe has built a catalogue of 150 titles that go from the cyberpunk culture to the genre literature, from the controcultures to the media activism, passing through the social movements and their multiple capacities of communication in the arts as well as in politics, building a space of rigorous critic marked by well made editions, in contents and in graphics. 


For any request write to info@shake.it

To buy ShaKe e-book products from foreign countries, you need to make a credit transfer on our current account (c/a): IBAN IT60C0579224201CC0970002425

and make the payment out to "SHAKE COOP A.R.L., vicolo Calusca 10F, 20123 Milano, reason for payment 'purchase of books' and then add your NAME and SURNAME".


Then you have to send a mail to this address (ordini@shake.it) with a notification of executed payment and a list of the books ordered.


IMPORTANT: For delivery charges you have to add 20 euros to the total purchase price of the books ordered (bearing in mind the discounted prices of the site).

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